About Us

Myanmar Tea Producers and Exporters’ Association

MTA is organized with 20,000 members consisting of tea growers, producers, traders and exporters, and purposing to upgrade Myanmar tea quality align with international standards, uplift the living standard of local tea farmers and improve tea related industries.


MTA was established since 2013 as Myanmar tea cluster. In 2018, MTA became an official legalized aassociation as a representative of whole Myanmar tea industries.


To provide agricultural technologies, food safety and hygiene practices, and market opportunities to access the international markets for the sustainable development of Myanmar tea sector.


By cooperation with tea farmers, producers and traders, MTA will engage with stakeholders for the sake of promoting Myanmar quality tea production, then to do research on Myanmar tea to build differentiation points. MTA stands as a mother organization of all Myanmar tea clusters and serves as an access point for tea traders to expand market locally and internationally.

Organization Chart